Thursday, June 28, 2007

Crocheting Away

I'm back. I really need to stop taking such long breaks between posts. I have been crocheting like crazy. This is a mile-a-minute baby afghan I'm making for my brother-in-law and his wife. Their baby is due in Sept. and they aren't finding out if the baby is a boy or girl until the birth. (I don't know how they do that! I'd go crazy!) These colors are going to go perfectly with this bedding they have.
I just joined Granny-Along and while checking out it's sister The No-End-In-Sight Ripple-Along, I fell in LOVE with Michelle's BEAUTIFUL ripple! (Check it out!) I just love the colors she used, I had to start something for myself! I don't think I'm too much of a ripple maker, I just don't have the patience right now, but I love grannies! My plan is to make a baby afghan about 25/26" square for in the car or stoller orwagon (I take lots of walks across the road to Nan & Pap's. Tater seems to like the wagon better than his stroller lately.) The blanket will be 9 squares, 3 rows of 3, and I'm still searching for the perfect border. And I couldn't believe my luck, I found this awesome fabric at good ol' Walmart yesterday. Don't' they look great together?!?! If I am ever blessed with a baby girl, I think I have a very cool nursery idea! If not, I'll have a cute little lap blanket for myself!
(By the way, the square pattern is from Jan Eaton's 200 crochet blocks, #189 and the mile-a-minute is from Toddler Time Mile-A-Minute AFghans from leisure arts.)

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Claire said...

thanks for the birthday wishes! I love the colors you have been working with lately.