Monday, September 10, 2007


The football season has started once again and also the Sunday football madness that goes on in my household! I'm just happy the Steelers won...hopefully this is a sign of a great season to come! (Check out Tater's crazy post-nap hair!)


IrishCowgirl said...

What a cute little Steelers fan! (They do start them young, though, don't they?) His hair looks typical of a Steelers' fan to me! I thought they all had hair like that under those helmets.

jen b said...

hello there swap partner -

i got my back to school swap/bag and i am over the moon. i love everything especially the bag. the corduroy seems so sturdy. you really spoiled me rotten with all that you included and were so sweet to include stuff for my kids. my daughter has been waiting patiently to collect her goodies. i wouldn't let her look until i took pics. my hubby took the batteries out of my camera to put in a rocket he was building with the kids. of all days not to have my camera. anyway thank you so very much. you have officially become my best swap partner ever!

TinkerBlue said...

He's so cute.